A shoot with Hayley

by aaron on February 24, 2011

The other week I got a couple of friends together and asked Hayley if she’d be down to do some experimenting with lighting. Josh and Keiko brought their strobes and we synced them together and tried a bunch of different things.

Here are a few of the images from the shoot. It was an awesome learning experience.

Hayley dramatic light

Hayley black and white

Hayley red flare


Hayley in motion

Hayley turning flare

Hayley with Rim

Hayley Red accent

Hayley Crazy hair

Hayley Open Brown leather jacket

Hayley silouhette

Black dress with red belt

Hayley with reflection

I would be happy to explain any strobist questions about these photos. To sum things up though the majority of the photos that I took were at a 1/250th of a sec @ f/8. The strobes were usually around 1/2 power using stands and umbrellas.

Here is a shot that Josh got of one of the set ups.

Hayley Hernandez2-16-11F




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