Aaron Eskaran is an artist with a broad portfolio. He was born and raised on the North Shore of Hawaii. He grew up under the artistic influences of his father, and enjoyed creating art at a very young age. Aaron studied fine arts through high school and decided to continue studying art through higher education. Aaron received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in 2006, emphasizing in drawing and painting. During this time Aaron was also involved in a locally founded musical group called Upstanding Youth. As a member of this band Aaron created fliers,t-shirt designs, and album artwork. Aaron became very interested in graphic design and photography. He is a fast learner who is very concerned with producing quality art work. In 2007 Aaron moved to Utah where he has joined two additional bands– Cubworld and The Vibrant Sound– while continuing to improve his drawings, graphic designs, and photographs. He has produced countless fliers, gone on dozens of photo shoots, designed multiple album artworks, t-shirt designs, and more. Aaron’s attention to detail, and broad knowledge of many different art forms makes him the ideal candidate for any art project.


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