Bodyboarding is coming back into the picture.

by aaron on February 28, 2012

While growing up and in College my family and friends have always had a connection with the water. Bodyboarding is a sport that my brothers and close friends seemed to really grasp and get into among other sports. Since moving back to Hawaii from Utah I have once again connected with the sport. I can’t stop thinking about it and how I am going to shoot it. Should I get in the water with my GoPro, use my brother’s board with the GoPro mounted, or just sit on the beach and and shoot the action with my 7D. My vimeo channel has picked up a couple thousand views in the last week from a few videos that my friends helped me pass around. Mahalo to the Kahuku Body Boarders for all their support and willingness to be in front of the lens. These videos could not be what they are without your talent. I’m also stoked that my brother, Adam, has wanted to get involved in filming these little clips.

I feel so blessed to live in a beautiful place and be able to capture these awesome moments so they will always be with us. Here are a few of the videos that I put together in the last little while.

Aloha and enjoy the videos! I had many sleepless nights putting these together!


Please watch them in HD if your internet connection allows it!

I’m posting these in order of creation. Please watch them all!


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