Eye Candy and Family

by aaron on April 19, 2011

There is lots going on as usual…

I had family here, did some lunch time photowalks with co-workers, and am even starting to shoot a youtube channel called InTheGarageTV with another co-worker.

I had two of my younger siblings come out and visit not too long ago. It was so awesome to have them out here to visit. I really miss my family and having them here was a real treat… literally. I love when family comes into town because we get to eat out every night!! We took them out to some of my favorite places. We also took them out to Utah lake which was really neat. The ice was just beginning to break up and it started to clump together on the lake. I had never seen this before. I took a few photos of us that day…

Utah Lake

This one was taken with my phone the Droid X

Timpanogos from Utah Lake

Here is a photo of me and my little sister.

Lil' Sis and Big Brother...

After they left I had a chance to go and play a showcase in Austin, TX for SXSW (South By South West). I didn’t get a lot of photos that night but I took a lot of video that my buddy Jake compiled for the company that sponsored us to go out there. Much Mahalo again BULA I’ll post the video here as an update once it releases. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our trip.

Austin, TX


One of my good friends who now lives in Houston drove up to meet us. Thanks for coming Lona!
Lona talking to Jake

SXSW Banner

I’ve also been doing some lunch time quick shoots with co-workers. Meet Cameron and Lance. 2 guys that I have really clicked with here at OrangeSoda.

Lance Richard Williams

Cameron Kirby

We got out to the lake and I’ll give them pointers and just shoot around. Here is a panoramic I got one day.
Utah Lake Beach Panorama

In The Garage TV

I recently started to shoot a new project called In The Garage TV of neighbors here in Utah. We hope that one day we’ll be able to travel a little and meet some rad people. The first episode I shot was of a man named Ray Bishop. He used to be a disc jockey and he has THOUSANDS of records that he as collected over the years. I think the episode will air in a couple of weeks. Here is a portrait I took of him showing off a few of his records.

Ray Bishop

We are shooting an Easter Episode tonight that will release before Ray’s. I’ll keep you all updated! Or like In The GarageTv on facebook to keep up on your own here.



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