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by aaron on June 14, 2008

I was checking out my inbox the other day and came across a pretty cool email and thought I’d share it with everyone who stops by here…

“Hey man I love your pictures I went through your whole alien Bees flickr pages. I think they were all yours. But I would love to intern with you I want to get better with my photography.
I do film and want to learn more about painting with light with a still shot so I can transfer the skills learned there into motion pictures.

Check out my blog when you get a chance!


Just so Jamar knows… Thanks man and I hope you frequent the page as I am preparing a lot of photos now so they can be up ASAP. The shoots that I have done with the Alien Bees were all advised by my good friend Joachim Guanzon(the lighting man).It was mostly all his gear. His flickr page is located here…


A lot of pro lighting there.

much Aloha to everyone who thinks what I am doing makes some kind of difference and statement… because I know without your support I would probably be still selling T-shirts and board shorts.

Here are some favorites from a couple of my recent outings :-)


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