Radiohead | The King Of Limbs

by aaron on February 23, 2011

Not sure if any of you readers out there know but I have been a huge RADIOHEAD fan for a while now. I love how their music is ever evolving and yet always constant. No matter if it’s off the wall heavy electronic beats or soft acoustic guitar with lyrics being half sung and slurred somehow I am always in the mood to listen to them. Their music helps me get into the “mode” of wanting to be creative and I appreciate that. Not too many other groups can compliment the way I feel at any given moment. Their music is eclectic so you can always find something you are in the mood for. Yeah they may be a little weird to some and people might not like the way they execute their art form but isn’t that what being creative is about? Push the boundaries and keep doing what makes you unique.

Thanks for coming out with some new material guys. I hope to see you in concert one day.

– Aaron

Here is a Video of Thom doing his thing to one of the tracks off of “The King of Limbs” called Lotus Flower.

ps- here is a drawing I did of Thom a while back. I should do more.

Thom Yorke square

I played with it in my sketchbook.

ThomYorke [an innovative mind - in case you have not seen one before]


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