Recent Portraits Part 1

by aaron on April 26, 2011

I feel so blessed to have so many awesome friends and know some top notch people. I am busy all the time but at least I have good company. I couldn’t imagine being busy and absolutely hating the people around me. I’ll introduce you to some people I have recently met and others that I have known for a while.

The first is a buddy that I met while at school at BYU Hawaii. Jared Greenleaf. He has helped me develop as an artist and I feel like I’ve become part of his family. We’ve had some good times. He is working on his Master of Fine Arts at BYU and is just about complete. I helped him last night transfer some of his drawings to the walls of a gallery where his show will be. It opens this Thursday April 28th. It will be an awesome show. Here is Jared in his space.






Jared is one of the most talented people I know. Check out his site at



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