The Guggenheim

by aaron on October 13, 2011

A couple months back I had the opportunity to visit New York with one of my wife’s cousins. We stayed on the upper West side just West of Central Park. While there we did a lot of sight seeing. It was my first time there and just about everything seemed foreign but familiar at the same time because of how many movies use NYC as its backdrop.

Hailing a cab from the bus station where we got off was crazy. After about 5 or 6 cabbies saying no we won’t go there, we just walked North a few blocks and got a cab from there. What the difference was of why they picked us up there vs. at the bus station I will never know.

One of my favorite places that we got to visit was The Guggenheim Museum. I have heard and read so much about it in my schooling. I almost couldn’t believe that I was there. NYC seemed like it was too far away for a local kid from Hawaii to ever get to visit. It was an awesome experience to say the least. The museum had some of the permanent collection for viewing but the current exhibit showcased Lee Ufan.

Here are some of the photos that I took while I was there.








Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture really spoke to me. I like how the exterior clashed with the surrounding buildings. It was like the building was saying, “Check me out. I’m pretty awesome huh?”. The building was very functional on this inside as well. Every little nook and crannie had a use. I couldn’t take photos on the upper levels but being inside of the building was really inspiring.

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