The Vibrant Sound toured with The Neighbors

by aaron on February 16, 2011

in Southern Utah this past weekend. I’m sure not too many know this but both members of The Neighbors are now in The Vibrant Sound. So everyone meet Adam and Rachel. Our two newest members. They are siblings.
St George Vibrant Sound_14
We went down there on Friday after work and played our first show in St. George. I will post a video of a little acoustic thing we did after our show later when I get to all the video(I came home with more than I thought I would). I’m trying to figure out a way to put everything together and make it fun to watch. Anyway. Here are a few pics of Adam and Rachel playing together as The Neighbors. This venue was kind of funny… people could come watch and listen but they couldn’t dance. They don’t have a sprinkler system so they can’t get the right permits to be a dancing venue so the Cops show up now and then to make sure things are under control. Hence the words on the stage… Look. Listen. Enjoy. But don’t dance or we will get shut down.

The Neighbors
St George Vibrant Sound

Adam on the drums
St George Vibrant Sound_1

We stayed at a friends house that night and when we woke up we found a black cat in Mckay’s car! We have no idea how it got in there but I’ll save that story for another post. I have some video that I think will be fun for you all to see. After we got the cat out we went for a drive up to DIXIE rock. It was cool to be outside and in the sun. I think it was around 60 degrees or so. WARM for Utah in Febuary.

St George Vibrant Sound_4

St George Vibrant Sound_3

St George Vibrant Sound_2

St George Vibrant Sound_7

St George Vibrant Sound_6

St George Vibrant Sound_5

St George Vibrant Sound_8

St George Vibrant Sound_9

St George Vibrant Sound_10

St George Vibrant Sound_11

St George Vibrant Sound_12

St George Vibrant Sound_13

St George Vibrant Sound_15

St George Vibrant Sound_16

St George Vibrant Sound_17

St George Vibrant Sound_18

St George Vibrant Sound_19

It was fun to hang out with everyone and play for a little bit. We did a live recording here in the cave that we will also be releasing soon. So check back in a little to see it.

After we went there we still had time to kill so Mckay took us to a skate park called “Skate George” and we hung out there for a little bit and I got more photos and some footage. Here are a few of Mckay hitting the park. It’s awesome to be on tour and see your friends let loose and get to know people more. I would recommend it to everyone.

St George Vibrant Sound_21

St George Vibrant Sound_22

St George Vibrant Sound_23

St George Vibrant Sound_24

St George Vibrant Sound_25

St George Vibrant Sound_26

St George Vibrant Sound_20

St George Vibrant Sound_27

We ate lunch at the original “Cafe Rio”, hung out at a park, then headed to Ceder City where we played at a venue called GOTHAM. The owner is a huge comic book fan and has painting on all the walls. The show turned out to be pretty fun and I hope everyone brings their friends the next time we come through town. I wish I could take pictures of The Vibrant Sound while we’re playing but I’m sure you guys won’t be irritated with a few more cool shots of Adam and Rachel. Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone.

St George Vibrant Sound_28

St George Vibrant Sound_29

St George Vibrant Sound_30

St George Vibrant Sound_35

St George Vibrant Sound_34

Adam playing with Batman
St George Vibrant Sound_33

St George Vibrant Sound_32

St George Vibrant Sound_31

This is probably my favorite photo of that night.
Rachel from The Neighbors

The neighbors

The neighbors_1

The neighbors_2

The neighbors_3

The neighbors_4

The neighbors_5

I’ll get those videos up soon.

They will be on tour without me for the next 2 weeks as I have family coming into town. Check out for more info!

Aloha from Utah



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