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by aaron on January 28, 2013

Ever since I got into my first tube of a wave I have been wanting to capture the feeling of being in there. It is a special feeling to have the ocean’s power around you in that split second. At times it can be scary and other times it can be tranquil. I feel like I can’t be there enough and now that I am able to capture waves in this way I am happy I can finally share my experiences with my friends and viewers around the world as Hawaii Wave Art.

There are a few waves that have really stood out to me.
A day at the beach

Implosion of a wave

Glass and Gradients

Barrel aftermath

Now believe it or not the barrel or “tube” shots of the waves are followed by the aftermath of staying inside of the way until it implodes. These are images that I have never seen outside of my own computer so I hope you all are seeing something new. I love the two perspectives of the waves and to see how much they change over the course of a few seconds. I’ll try and describe to you how I achieve these shots describing the last of the four pictures shown above taken from my facebook artist page.

“This is one of the hardest shots to try and get as well as explain what it is. This is what it looks like when a wave breaks over me in the “tube” or barrel, the lip of the wave crashes on the water, and combines the lip of the wave and the under lying water forming a tube that not many people see because by the time you get here your eyes are closed and it only lasts a fraction of a second. Not to mention the wave breaking has to hit the water all at the same time and conditions have to be right with the wind and swell size other wise all you see is a white foam of churning water. And last but not least you have to be falling in mid air as to not create ripples or disturbance in the water. The water is moving in a clockwise motion”.

I hope that helped you understand!
I’m continually amazed by the world we live in.

Follow my Artist page on facebook for daily updates with pictures and videos. I am currently building a store where these prints will be for sale but until it’s complete I have set up a set of flickr with more pictures of waves that you can see and email me about if you would like to purchase a print. Just include a link to the image you would like in an email. Also images that I post to facebook are also for sale. Just let me know which ones you are interested in. Everything is made to order. Contact me at aeskaran@gmail.com or on my contact page.




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